Birth Breathing and Relaxation

Relaxation and meditation techniques for mums-to-be

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Practical workshop for expecting mothers

Giving birth is not an easy process – it is more common than not to experience strong labour pains and increased anxiety. Our Birth Breathing and Relaxation class is perfect for women who would like to learn a more natural way to deal with stress and pain during labour. 

This class introduces you to meditation and breathing techniques that encourage a peaceful state of mind and deep connection with your body. This class is suitable for all expecting mothers as an enhancement to other antenatal classes and can be taken as often as you like.

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Class overview

Wednesdays lunchtime, 12.30–2.00 pm, once or twice per month – but can be scheduled on other days. Contact if you are unable to attend on current available dates.


Suitable for

Perfect for those who have not attended classes before, those who have not had any breathing practice, second-time mothers, or those who wish to practise their breathing techniques once antenatal classes have finished.


What is included

90-minute breathing and meditation session



HKD $690

What will we cover

This group class teaches breathing techniques that are very useful for reducing stress, labour pain, and encouraging peaceful childbirth. During the 90-minute session, we will talk about some of our recommended techniques, and we will spend a full hour on meditation and relaxation practical exercises.

  • Overview of contractions and labour induction
  • Breathing relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Relaxation exercises to reduce labour pain

Additional information


The class must be booked in advance as this is not a drop-in session and places must be reserved.

This class is recommended to be repeated more than once. You can book just one or attend more often – the choice is yours.

For women only.


Recommended supplementary classes

If you haven’t taken any antenatal classes and are currently expecting, we recommend our Babies and Beyond class for you and your birth partner. This 4-week course includes everything you need to know before welcoming your little one – and plenty of time to answer any questions you and your partner may have! 

We also offer an Express version of this class at an amazing value – condensed into a 1-day workshop, held each Saturday.

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