Antenatal Classes & Home Visits

Hong Kong-based classes and workshops designed to prepare you for birth, labour, delivery & beyond


Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, taking prenatal classes for proper education is essential for all parents-to-be. Our classes provide an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with other parents-to-be with similar due dates. Creating this extra support network will help you get through the first few weeks, or month, post-labour — with some of our parents still meeting up regularly years after!

We recommend parents to start antenatal courses between 26-30 weeks, and encourage partners to come along.

All of our antenatal classes are given by the Annerley Midwives.

Early Pregnancy

Newly pregnant in Hong Kong and unsure of your options? Our early pregnancy classes help you understand your options from the start.

Antenatal care & birth preparation

Postpartum & Parenting

Tailor-made educational classes and postnatal support for Hong Kong families.

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If you’re unsure about which antenatal classes best suit you and your family’s needs, please feel free to reach out to our Maternity Package Manager to discuss all your options - as well as how we can best support your journey.

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