Babies & Beyond

A 4-week course covering all you need to know before your baby delivery

Babies and beyond

Comprehensive antenatal class by OT&P’s experienced midwives

As a mom-to-be, you may find that there are more questions to be answered about pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing than your regular checkups with a midwife could cover.

Designed with you and your birth partner in mind, Babies and Beyond is a series of four weekly workshops we recommend for every new parent-to-be. 

This antenatal class is given by our Annerley Midwives.

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Class overview

This course includes four evening group sessions from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, four consecutive weeks – pick either Monday or Thursday sessions.


Suitable for

Pregnant women and their birth partners


What is included

Four group sessions (2 hours each)



HKD $4,900 per couple

What will we cover

Our course covers all you and your birth partner need to know before welcoming your little one. Including labour and birth, natural and assisted, Cesarean section and epidural, drugs, complications, postnatal period, baby care and breastfeeding.

This course is split into four weekly sessions:


Session 1

Overview of labour and birth. Natural ways to cope with labour.


Session 2

Medical treatments in labour and birth. Epidural, induction, C-section.


Session 3

Baby care in the first days at home.


Session 4

Breastfeeding technique and practical advice.

Additional information


If you can’t see a course suitable for your due date, please check out our Express version of Babies and Beyond which is held on a single Saturday. This course covers the same content at a more compact format and with lots more dates available.

When attending group classes, please wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in, practising positions and massage, squatting etc. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. They will learn ways to be a part of the birth as much as they wish.

Recommended supplementary classes

You can choose to follow up on your course with a 30-minute private birth planning session with one of our experienced, registered midwives. At a discounted price of HK$500 - if you have attended one of our antenatal courses. Regular price: HK$950.

Our Birth Breathing classes are an invaluable addition to your antenatal education - for women only. A one-off session held on Wednesday lunchtimes, and very useful to do after your antenatal classes in preparation for your labour.

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