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  Women’s Services

OT&P Midwifery

Premium pregnancy care, education and classes

In 2017 OT&P Healthcare was pleased to acquire Annerley Midwives, the leading provider of midwifery services in Hong Kong.  Annerley midwives work harmoniously with the OT&P Obstetricians and Paediatricians to deliver the best possible outcomes for pregnant women and new mothers in Hong Kong.

Whether you chose to give birth in a private or public hospital — we’ve carefully designed our care to be with you every step of your pregnancy, week-by-week. Our antenatal classes, courses and workshops aim to help you plan a worry-free childbirth experience. We offer help with your hospital booking, checkups, scans, blood tests, antenatal classes, postnatal home visits, birth planning consultations and more.

We offer a free 'Just Pregnant?' workshop for newly expecting parents as well.

OT&P Midwifery Services

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OT&P Annerley Midwives Testimonial

Discover the Benefits of OT&P Midwifery! Watch this video to hear from 2 previous patients and discover their personal journey with OT&P midwifery care. Gain valuable insights into the compassionate, empowering, and holistic approach midwives provide.

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